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British Medical Centre Laboratory is a part of a clinical setting which is individually styled where quality and service are given top priority. Located in finest area in southern part of Kuwait, the Laboratory is certified by Ministry of Health – State of Kuwait. The Laboratory branded as “MEDSOL” is a part of Gulf Healthcare International L.L.C. BMC Laboratory is managed by professionals and tests done by qualified and experienced staff, licensed by the Ministry of Health – State of Kuwait. The laboratory is equipped with latest instruments and upgraded with the latest technology time to time. Laboratory participates in “International External Quality Assessment Schemes” and also performs Internal Quality Control regularly to maintain test result quality.

  • All biochemical Profiles like Kidney, Liver, Lipid, Cardiac, Diabetic etc
  • All Hematological tests like Blood Picture, Anemia and Coagulation Disorders
  • Rheumatic tests, Bone Profiles, Obesity Profiles and Vitamins
  • Allergy and Hormonal Assays like Thyroid function, Fertility etc
  • Tests for Sexually Transmitted and Infectious diseases
  • Cancer/Tumor markers
  • All types of Cultures & Sensitivity tests
  • Hirsutism (Extra Hair Growth) and Alopecia ( Hair Loss) Profiles
  • Pre-Employment, Periodic and Confined Space Entrants Medical tests for petroleum sector corporate.
  • Pre-marital check up
  • Fitness tests for Food Handlers in food industry

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