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Diagnosis, investigation and OPD management of infertility.Complete Antenatal care and checkup.High risk pregnancy, thyroid, diabetes Hypertension etc.Investigation & treatment Management of recurrent abortions. Ultrasound for pregnancy 2D/ 4D , BPP study. CTG, Fetal wellbeing.Postnatal care. Contraceptive advice / IUCD Preconception counselling.Pediatric Gynecology.Adolescent Gynaecology. Menopausal Clinic. Gynaecological UltrasoundDiagnosis Treatment and management of all gynaecological problems. PAP smear .Cervical cancer screening, vaccination.

Available Doctors

Dr. Ujjawala Bhaduri Nee Bobade
MD, DGO, PGDHHM, Obstetrics